Challenger tops sheriff in Jefferson County election fundraising

PORT TOWNSEND — The Nov. 6 general election is more than four months away, but Jefferson County Detective Sgt. Joe Nole already is winning the race for most money and contributors over his opponent and supervisor, one-term incumbent Dave Stanko.

Most of Nole’s campaign war chest is his own money, and most of Stanko’s is a loan.

The two will meet in the Nov. 6 general election no matter what happens in the Aug. 7 primary, the ballots for which are mailed to voters July 18.

The names of Nole, a Democrat, and Stanko, who filed with no party preference, will be on the primary election ballot, as are all partisan candidates who filed for the Nov. 6 general election whether they are opposed or not.

Nole has raised $9,992 in campaign contributions as of Friday, including $6,267 of his own money in cash and in-kind contributions, according to the state Public Disclosure Commission.

His 43 contributors, all from the North Olympic Peninsula, include two from Sequim.

Stanko has raised $7,648, including a $4,000 loan and $1,324 of his own money.

Nole, who counts 14 current and former Sheriff’s Office employees among his contributors, also wants to top the Aug. 7 primary, although he and Stanko will meet again Nov. 6.

“I’m hoping I can win the primary and hope it’s by a substantial amount,” Nole said Friday. “I anticipate it will be a barometer of where people’s intentions are and what they want to see for the future of the Sheriff’s Office.”

His contributors from law enforcement include former Sheriff Mel Mefford, former Undersheriff Ron Sukert, and eight current employees, he said.

“They have worked under the current administration, and I believe they feel that things need to change, and we need someone different running the operation,” Nole said.

Stanko shrugged off the disparity in contributions Friday and expressed no concern that several of his own staff want him voted out as their supervisor.

He said Friday he is proud of his record as an incumbent.

He’s fulfilled promises he made when he ran in 2014 — he defeated Wendy Davis with 50.54 percent of the vote — and is confident voters will elect him in the Nov. 6 general election, he said.

Stanko did not know until an interview Friday about Noles’ advantages in money raised and was unaware some of his employees had contributed to Noles’ campaign.

“I’m opposed because I hold people accountable,” Stanko said.

Stanko’s campaign is getting somewhat of a late start compared to Noles, who kicked his own off before filing week ended May 18.

Stanko said he began putting up campaign signs up about a week ago.

He also was not wary about the primary. His attention is trained on the general election.

“I am the sheriff, and I have been since 2014,” Stanko said. “I’ve made significant contributions to the community.

“I’m not running for office, I have the office. I’m just looking to get re-elected.”

Among those running for county offices, James Kennedy, candidate for prosecuting attorney and Mindy Walker, district court judge candidate, topped contributions to Noel when counting loans and contributions.

Below is a list of contributions of $100 or more, as of Friday, for all Clallam County candidates in contested races who have filed for the Nov. 6 general election:


Joe Nole

Total contributions, including in-kind contributions: $9,992.

In-kind contributions: $1,212, Joe Nole, Chimacum.

Expenditures: $3,853.


$5,055,: Joe Nole, Chimacum.

$500: Mary McDowell, Port Townsend .

$250: Kathy Sukert, Ken Sukert, Port Hadlock.

$150: Frank Hundley, Port Townsend.

$125: Gary Maxfield, Whitney Maxfield, Port Hadlock.

$100: Jeanette Woodruff, Gretchen Copeland, Mel Mefford, Kate Pike, David Woodruff, Port Townsend; John Crooks, Chimacum; Kevin Denney, Brian Anderson, Port Ludlow; Ben Stamper, Donna Stamper, Quilcene; Bill Wells, Port Hadlock.

Dave Stanko

Total contributions including in-kind contributions, and loans: $7,648.

Loans: $5,324.

In-kind: $1,325, Dave Stanko, Port Townsend.

Expenditures: $1,324.


$1,324: Dave Stanko, Port Townsend.

$500: John Ammeter, Port Hadlock.

$200: Larry B. Kallanbarger, Port Townsend .

$125: Brian T. Richie, Port Townsend.

$100: Eric Lucas, Port Townsend.

Jefferson County Commissioner, District 3

Gregory Brotherton

Total contributions, including in-kind contributions, and loans: $10,373.

In-kind: $35.

Loans: $3,035.

Expenditures: $5,547.


$500: Thomas Brotherton, Cassandra Brotherton, Scott Freeman, Quilcene.

$250: Samuel W. Shoen, Michelle Sandoval, Brian Roe, Linda Abbott-Roe, Port Townsend; John Fabian, Port Ludlow; Linda Herzog, Quilcene.

$150: Todd Feinstein, Sequim.

$125: Judith A. Dziuba, James W. Dziuba, Christine S. Satterlee, David W. Satterlee, Eric Anderson, Sandy Shea, Quilcene.

$100: Jim Brewer, Seattle; Judith E. Woods, Susie Vass, Kent; Christina L. Olson, Seattle; Robert A. Bindschadler, Ezra Eickmeyer, Peter Newland, Quilcene; Merrily Mount, Port Ludlow; Melinda Bryden, Ron Hayes, Port Townsend.

Jon Cooke

Total contributions, including in-kind contributions, and loans: $4,444.

In-kind: $604, Jon Cooke, Quilcene; $415: Sherry Cooke, Quilcene.

Loans: $830.

Expenditures: $1,703.


$1,000: Jefferson County Republicans.

$200: John Boulton, Quilcene.

$150: Ron Riggle, Chimacum.

$125: Karen Farr, Gene Farr, Port Townsend.

$100: Lynn Hisey, Carol Crosby, Steve Crosby, Port Townsend; Robert Zornes, Silverdale; John Bobo, Betty Bobo, Jon Cooke, Bob Gunther, Quilcene; Howard Cooke, Myrtle Point, Ore.

Craig Durgan

Total contributions, including in-kind contributions, and loans: $1,590.

Loans: $795.

In-kind: $795, Craig Durgan, Port Ludlow.

Expenditures: $795.

Ryan McAllister

Total contributions, including in-kind: $9,623.

In-kind: $84.

Expenditures: $6,928.


$2,000: Laurel Burik, Nordland; Matthew Woodward, Port Hadlock.

$1,000: John Crooks, Chimacum.

$500: David Comeau, Silverdale; Juliet Parfrey.

$450: Linda Callahan, Brinnon.

$300: Ruth Ross, Daniel Sutton, Port Townsend.

$250: John Gonnella, Nordland.

$150: Karla Cole, Bainbridge Island.

$100: Jo Ann Comstock, Nordland; Grettel Cortes, Los Angeles, Calif.; Katrin Nelson, Olympia; Carmen Aguire, Long Beach, Calif.; Andrew Dennis, Mill Creek; Ruth Aumack, Linda Brewster, Linda Sutton, Port Townsend; Robert McDaniel, Quilcene.

Prosecuting Attorney

Michael Haas

Total contributions, including in-kind contributions, and loans: $4,350.

Loans: $1,400.

In-kind: $100, Chuck Henry, Port Townsend.

Expenditures: $1,700.


$1,000: Steven Fager, Sequim; Kristi Helmecke, Port Ludlow.

$500: Michael Haas, Port Townsend.

$100: Michael Defilippo, Hannah McFarland, Dave Thomas, Chuck Henry, Port Townsend.

James Kennedy

Total contributions, including in-kind contributions, and loans: $12,634.

In-kind contributions: $205, Krystal Kennedy, Port Ludlow; $175, Law Urquia, Port Townsend; $134, Brent Davis, Port Townsend; $134, Wendy Davis, Port Townsend.

Loans: $4,500.

Expenditures: $6,216.

Debt: $215.


$1,000: All City Bail Bond. Co., Inc., Everett.

$750: Johanna Vanderlee, Bainbridge Island.

$500: Christopher Ashcraft, Chimacum; Jennifer Ashcraft, Silverdale.

$400: Michael Hendrickson, Kirkland.

$350: Kathleen C. Kennedy, James S. Kennedy, Bellevue.

$311: David W. Alvarez, Port Townsend.

$250: Jeulie Dalzelle, Brent Davis, Wendy Davis, Port Townsend; Chad McHenry, Las Vegas, Nev.

$200: Kathleen Larkin, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Kevin Denny, FPO.

$175: Robin L. Stemen.

$150: Trevor Hansen, Port Hadlock; Margaret and Adam Sturdivant, Bothell.

$125: Robin L. Stemen, Port Townsend.

$102: Christopher R. Ashcraft, Chimacum.

$100: Real Robles, Jr., Port Townsend; Mary A. Whitney, Bainbridge Island; John Ammeter, Port Hadlock; Walter H. Perry, Olympia; Alison Danz, Lake Forest Park .

District Court Judge

Noah F. Harrison

Total contributions: $6,328.

Expenditures: $6,166.


$3,000: Noah F. Harrison, Port Townsend.

$500: Molly Lang, Clearlake, Calif.; Megan Jacobsen, Port Townsend.

$300: Beverly Malagon, Jared Marlow, Port Townsend.

$250: Gary H. Maxfield, Matthew Petta, Sarah Rubenstein, Port Townsend.

$150: Trevor Hansen, Port Hadlock.

$100: William Darlington, Port Townsend; Jeanne M. McMillen, Port Hadlock; Bonnie Hanson-Buckley, Maureen Jacobsen, Port Townsend; David Darlington, Livermore, Calif.; Jill Failing, Port Townsend.

Mindy Walker

Total contributions, including in-kind, and loans: $11,102.

Loans: $5,412.

Contributions, including in-kind: $5,690.

In-kind contributions: $2,449, Mindy Walker, Port Townsend; $241, Eva Weber, Port Townsend.

Pledges: $1,000.

Expenditures: $6,810.

Cash contributors:

$500: Steven Fager, Sequim’ Doris Hardyman, Port Townsend.

$250: Michelle Sandoval, Port Townsend; John Fabian, Port Ludlow.

$241: Eva Weber, Port Townsend.

$150: Gary G. Williams, Quilcene; Dave Woodruff, Jeanette Woodruff, Port Townsend.

$100: Alyssa M. Corra, Phyllis L. Speser, Port Townsend; Tom Brotherton, Quilcene.

Jefferson County Public Utility District commissioner

Thomas Brotherton

Total contributions and loans: $2,450.

Loans: $2,100.

Contributions: $350.

Expenditures: $1,863.


$150: Wayne Siscoe, Quilcene.

$100: Ronald R. Hayes, Melinda Bryden, Port Townsend.

Daniel Toepper

Total contributions: $1,045.

Expenditures: $383.


$500: International Union of Operating Engineers Local 302.

$370: Daniel Toepper, Port Ludlow.

$100: Ron Riggle, Chimacum.


Senior Staff Writer Paul Gottlieb can be reached at 360-452-2345, ext. 55650, or at [email protected].

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