FROM A WRITER’S NOTEBOOK: Dancing magic in New Zealand

I’M NOT UNLIKE many professional artists. My work means piecing together a career from teaching, publishing, speaking fees, grants, honorariums and applying to choreograph in… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: For deep snow, tread back in history

THE HISTORY OF the Earth goes back billions of years. The history of Man keeping weather records goes back a few hundred years. To compare… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Lions and tigers and log cabins, oh my!

IT WAS A gratifying end to the old year and a hopeful beginning to the new to read about Judge Robert B. Leighton’s ruling (“Judge… Continue reading

WEST END NEIGHBOR: World of winter break’s a stage

IF I DON’T time it right, I’ll never get into my own bathroom. As if the two adults and two teens of my family don’t… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: An Olympic Peninsula pioneer’s Christmas

SOMETIMES, WHEN FEELING overwhelmed by the stress of the modern holiday season, I think of a story that was told to me by an old… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Harkening back to the Christmas letter

THIS IS A special time of year when the joy and warmth of the holiday season can drive you right over the brink. The end… Continue reading

WEST END NEIGHBOR: Holiday displays light up West End

THE SUN HAS set, darkness has overcome the road. Coming up Fairholm Hill from Lake Crescent, the rain gives itself up for actual snow. Streetlights… Continue reading

FROM A WRITER’S NOTEBOOK: Celebrating the season post-election

THIS IS HOW the season finds me: determined, ear-to-ear, not to let November disappointment crush my December spirit. I am not going to spend the… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Defeating Japan in World War II a family fight

a date which will live in infamy …” President Franklin D. Roosevelt said these words many years ago. Today, Dec. 7… Continue reading

WEST END NEIGHBOR: Finding light in the gray of La Push

THE WAVES WERE stacked, one upon the other, like fans rushing a concert stage. Last Saturday, the Pacific Ocean was utterly pounding First Beach in… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Winter outages bring new challenges

It takes a village to get ready for the coming cold months.

PAT NEAL: The backcountry’s Sasquatch people

THE ANNUAL SASQUATCH Summit at Ocean Shores is always a hoot, and this year was no exception. This is a gathering of some of the… Continue reading

WEST END NEIGHBOR: Giving thanks by giving back

FORKS IS A small, rural town, but even still, it’s not every day there are shots fired on the main street. Several American flags fluttered… Continue reading

FROM A WRITER’S NOTEBOOK: A thank-you to students from long ago

HARDLY ANYONE WRITES thank-you notes anymore. But there are two I’ve been meaning to send. And I’ve learned to identify the feeling inside that knows… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Luck of the draw in fishing seasons

I DON’T KNOW about you, but I’ve caught the holiday spirit just in time for the most important holiday of the year. No, I am… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Dam removal a whale of an issue

IT WAS ANOTHER tough day for those of us who love the iconic orca, or killer whale. An article, “Scientists: Breach Dams To Save Orcas,”… Continue reading

WEST END NEIGHBOR: Forks-area DNR leader steps down

Sue Trettevick retired in June to be more available for her teenage daughters.

PAT NEAL: Season for stalking wild chanterelle

The wily fungus can make mushroom picking an adventure.

FROM A WRITER’S NOTEBOOK: It’s all about the journey

I have a limited tolerance for generic questions about where I see myself in the future. Life can be less conventional than people know it to be.

PAT NEAL: Treat orca in more kingly way

The recent orca deaths beg the question: Is it worth killing killer whales for whatever data the killing produces?