PAT NEAL: My fruitless search for wild blackberries

IT WAS ANOTHER tough week in the news, when the journalistic skills of this gossip columnist were tried to the utmost through describing a devastating… Continue reading

LETTER: Problems with news media are not new

Recent discourse on the efficacy and honesty of the U.S. media has surfaced in letters to the editor in Peninsula Voices (“Mainstream Media,” May 16,… Continue reading

WEST END NEIGHBOR: There’s always plan B

PLAN B EXISTS for a reason. So does Murphy’s Law. When hiking and camping, my family’s Plan B is hot dogs. Inevitably, if fresh fish… Continue reading

POINT OF VIEW: Hoh River Trust remains a viable force

By Roger Oakes I APPRECIATE THE opportunity to explain the Hoh River Trust’s plans to transfer ownership and management of trust lands along the Hoh… Continue reading

DIANE URBANI DE LA PAZ: A breath of respite with Raymond Carver

THIS PAST MONTH has been rough on the heart. Reading my newspaper and, OK, my Facebook feed, I feel pain around my chest. But hold… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Dreamer, bureaucrat and scammer: That’s me

WHILE IT IS true that in describing the dissolution of the Hoh River Trust in my May 31 column, “Lack Of Faith In Hoh River… Continue reading

LETTER: Supports right to choose, but saddened by loss of life

Abortion, like politics and religion, is a topic we strive to omit from dinner table banter at family gatherings. They are highly volatile subjects and… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: A lack of faith in Hoh River Trust

IT WAS ANOTHER tough week in the news for those of us who love the Hoh River. The Hoh River Trust decided to give 7,000… Continue reading

LETTER: Forest Service signs should say, enjoy this road, but proceed at your own risk

If you wish for an exciting, jaw-jarring event, find the nearest U.S. Forest Service road. You are in for a treat. No amount of skill… Continue reading

LETTER: Port Angeles man’s brother was also at Iwo Jima

I read the touching article about Marion “Skip” Yandell on Iwo Jima [“Iwo Jima Survivor Tells Of War’s Grief, Patriotism,” PDN, May 28]. Turns out… Continue reading

WEST END NEIGHBOR: Singular man’s one-of-a-kind collection

“YOU’LL NEVER SEE anything like this again, certainly not on the Olympic Peninsula,” said Rene Davis while looking out over part of the collection of… Continue reading

LETTER: Get involved in the 2018 elections, before nation’s destruction becomes overwhelming

Donald Trump is president until 2020. It’s a fact, and nothing will change it (unless he does something really stupid, not just mildly “stupido”). What… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: In the sky: a bird, a plane, the sun!

THERE WAS A mysterious bright object seen out on the West End the other day. Some of the locals panicked and called me wondering if… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Outfoxed by crafty birds

ALL I WANTED was a quiet place at the end of the road where I could write my memoirs. About the years of struggling it… Continue reading

WEST END NEIGHBOR: Cornerstone store turns a page

RIGGS IS THE only regular shoplifter. He is crafty and cute and hard to stop. The last time he got busted after sneaking in, he… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Dangerous halibut date defies logic

IT WAS DAYLIGHT on the water. It seemed like we were in the middle of the world’s largest washing machine. That’s the feeling you can… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Green crab Dungeness’ newest tormenter

IT WAS ANOTHER tough week in the news for our environment. The recent discovery of “invasive” European green crabs (“European Green Crab Found In Dungeness… Continue reading

WEST END NEIGHBOR: A story to tell under the ashes

THERE ARE TIMES when setting something ablaze seems like a good solution. Flames also draw people’s attention. So when Sandy Floe decided to set fire… Continue reading

PAT NEAL: Real science too scary to deal with

HALLOWEEN USED TO be the scariest holiday of the year with ghosts, goblins and the zombie apocalypse threatening to knock on your door when you… Continue reading

POINT OF VIEW: The time to act on addiction is now

By Richard Schwartz WE HAVE HEARD or read about the epidemic rise in overdose deaths from the use of heroin in 2016 and the dependency… Continue reading