LETTER: Sequim marina moorage rates not feasible

John Wayne Marina doesn’t have the services the Port Angeles port does.

Moorage rates

In the recent article about the Port of Port Angeles raising moorage rates at its marinas [“Port Of Port Angeles To Raise Boat Slip Rates,” PDN, Aug. 12], it was stated that the port desired to have rates at John Wayne Marina in Sequim equal to 110 percent of the average rates of eight selected marinas in the region.

The port-managed facility in Port Angeles was set at 90 percent of the average moorage charges.

From a boater’s standpoint, the real difference is that Port Angeles has a full-service marina with readily available services, while John Wayne Marina has none.

Port Airport Marina Manager Jerry Ludke justified this discrepancy by saying that John Wayne Marina was nicer, apparently referring to the park-like setting.

A marina is defined as a small harbor with docks for pleasure craft, which is different from a port that caters to commercial ships.

From the boaters’ standpoint, John Wayne Marina is a small, protected basin with docks to moor boats.

Boater-related services normally associated with a marina, with the exception of fuel and pump-out services, are totally lacking.

Very limited public transportation to available grocery and hardware stores makes it very inconvenient for visiting boaters.

What John Wayne Marina does have is a nice public park with extensive landscaped areas and a large building accommodating an upscale restaurant and a public meeting area, neither of which is critical for a marina (a facility for the docking of pleasure craft).

It would be interesting to find out where the real costs of John Wayne Marina are generated.

Why does the port think that it is the boaters’ obligation to pay for the non-boater-related services and facilities?

Charles Lamb,


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