LETTER: Get involved in the 2018 elections, before nation’s destruction becomes overwhelming

Donald Trump is president until 2020.

It’s a fact, and nothing will change it (unless he does something really stupid, not just mildly “stupido”).

What we can do is get involved in changing the power structure supporting him.

For so many reasons, the Republicans see Trump as an easily controlled president to help support their agenda.

Their agenda and Trump seem to be doing all they can to destroy the health and value of the citizens of the United States.

What we can do to change this strategy is to get involved in the 2018 elections.

We need to participate in every local, regional, state and national activity to take control of at least one house of Congress.

It will take a lot of our time and energy to elect others who do not agree with the current administration.

If we can make this change, the destruction of our country will be greatly reduced in two years instead of waiting four years.

We cannot continue to have all of our basic programs eliminated.

We cannot continue to have people who have the welfare of our country as their most important objective removed to be replaced by people who will simply rubber-stamp the method of destruction.

We need to get immersed in the process of saving our country.

If we don’t, the destruction may be too overwhelming to correct in four years.

Frank Cimino,