LETTER: Forest Service signs should say, enjoy this road, but proceed at your own risk

If you wish for an exciting, jaw-jarring event, find the nearest U.S. Forest Service road.

You are in for a treat.

No amount of skill as a driver will keep you out of the chuckholes that greet you — the source of your excitement.

Due to federal policy, the only reason why these roads are in such shape is the trees that provided that funding are no longer available and haven’t been for 25 years.

The roads are worn out and in many locations are unsafe.

Signs should say, enjoy this road, but proceed at your own risk.

Can you imagine what our foreign visitors think as they use these roads to reach trailheads into Olympic National Park, an otherwise world-class experience?

If you don’t believe this is true, then try one of these roads.

You won’t be glad you did.

On your return be sure to visit your dentist and auto mechanic.

They might have work to do.

Glenn Wiggins,

Port Angeles

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