Record $93,240 to Peninsula Home Fund so far

Contributions are still coming in, but as of Thursday, $93,240.83 from people and organizations in Jefferson and Clallam counties had been donated to the Peninsula Daily News’ 2004 Peninsula Home Fund.

It’s a new record.

Donations last week included $2,000 from Port Angeles attorney Carl Gay and his wife Robin, $1,000 from the employees at Clallam Transit System — and checks and money orders from Port Townsend to Forks, from Cardiac Services at Olympic Medical Center to a PDN reader in San Cristobal, N.M.

“I’m so very proud to live on the North Olympic Peninsula with such great, giving people,” said Tim Hockett, deputy director of nonprofit OlyCAP — Olympic Community Action Programs, the No. 1 emergency care agency in Jefferson and Clallam counties — which manages the fund for the PDN.

“The amount collected is a lot and will allow us to help many, many people.”

The $77,605.34 raised by the PDN’s Peninsula Home Fund in 2003 — that set the previous record for donations — allowed OlyCAP to help more than 1,000 families and individuals in 2004 — people that the organization wouldn’t have been able to assist otherwise, Hockett said.

Fund never closes

The books on the 2004 fund drive will be audited this week.

A final list of last-minute donors and donations received will be published in next Sunday’s PDN.

But the Peninsula Home Fund itself never closes.

Donations of any amount are always welcome.

Every gift will make a difference in somebody’s life.

All contributions are fully IRS tax-deductible — and 100 percent of the dollars donated go directly, without any deductions, to assist those in need in Jefferson and Clallam counties.

The 2004 holiday fund-raising campaign began on Thanksgiving Day and ended on Friday, Dec. 31.

Checks dated after Dec. 31 will go toward the 2005 campaign.

Indeed, contributions collected before Thanksgiving gave us a running start on this year’s holiday campaign.

Individuals, couples, businesses and school groups contributed more than $10,000 between Jan. 1 and Nov. 24.

The Alaska Invitational, an annual 18-hole golf tournament sponsored by Bob Sinnett at SunLand Golf and Country Club in Sequim, raised $2,725 for the Home Fund in May.

Newcomers’ Club in Port Angeles gave $1,000.

Monterra Homeowners Association in Sequim sent a check for $100, raised from aluminum can recycling by Monterra residents

More than a dozen persons used 2003’s Home Fund coupons to contribute this year.

A safety net

Established in 1989, the Peninsula Home Fund is a safety net for residents in Jefferson and Clallam counties when they face emergency situations — and can’t find help elsewhere.

From Port Townsend to Forks, from Quilcene and Brinnon to LaPush, it’s a “hand up, not a hand-out” for children, teens, families and the elderly.

Every dollar goes for hot meals for seniors, warm winter coats for kids, home repairs for the low income, needed prescription drugs, dental work, safe, drug-free temporary housing, eyeglasses — the list goes on and on.

The nonprofit program’s emphasis is on making sure no one falls through the cracks during the most demanding time of the year — winter.

No deductions; ‘hand-up’

No money is diverted for administration or other overhead.

All costs are absorbed by Peninsula Daily News and OlyCAP.

Your personal information is kept confidential.

The PDN does not rent, sell, give or otherwise share your address or other information with anyone, or make any other use of it.

All instances of help are designed to get an individual or family through the crisis — and back on the path to self-sufficiency.

Money is usually distributed in small amounts, usually up to $100.

Assistance is also limited to one time in a 12-month period.

In addition, Peninsula Home Fund case managers work with each individual or family to develop a plan to become financially stable — and avoid a recurrence of the emergency that prompted aid from the fund.

That’s the “hand-up, not a handout” focus of the fund.

Peninsula Home Fund donations are also used in conjunction with money from churches, service clubs and other donors, enabling OlyCAP to stretch the value of the contribution.

To apply for a grant from the fund, phone OlyCAP at 360-452-4726 (Clallam County) or 360-385-2571 (Jefferson County).

OlyCAP’s Port Angeles office is 228 W. First St., Suite J (Armory Square Mall), 360-452-4726.

Its Port Townsend office is at 24 Seton Road (P.O. Box 1540, PT 98368), 360-385-2571.

The Forks office is at the community Recreation Center (across from City Hall), 651 E. Division St., 360-374-6193.

Its Web site is; e-mail: [email protected]

If you have any questions about the fund, contact John Brewer, Peninsula Daily News editor and publisher, at 360-417-3500. Or e-mail [email protected]

New contributions

The following are contributions received between Dec. 24 and Dec. 30 — thank you very much for making a difference in the lives — and futures — of your neighbors:

* Robin and Carl Gay, Port Angeles; $2,000. In honor of the Peninsula Daily News for its efforts to care for the least of our sisters and brothers.

* Margie A. Movius, Port Angeles; $25. In memory of Verda Noble-Cvetan. What a grand reunion Verda must be having with her daughter Linda!

* Susan Owens, Olympia; $100. In memory of Peggy Erfle.

* Clallam Transit Employees, Port Angeles; $1,000.

* Reece McCampbell, Port Angeles; $25.

* Candy Chavis, Port Angeles; $20.

* Tom Floathe, Sequim; $25.

* Rick Willis and Lizbeth Harper, Port Townsend; $100.

* Paul and Gwyn Wessel, Port Angeles; $100.

Many thanks also to these donors (who requested that the amount of their donation be kept private):

* Angelo and Brenda Spandrio, Sequim.

* Francis Kyle, Port Angeles. In honor of Joyce Reandeau.

* Francis Kyle, Port Angeles. In honor of Mary Hauff.

* Francis Kyle, Port Angeles. In honor of John Maxwell.

* Bill and Linda Rhodes, Port Angeles. In memory of Bob Rhodes.

* W.V. Miller, Port Townsend. In honor of Maria.

* George and Shirley Williams. In honor of Keith Williams and Maxine Golden.

* Irma Stennes, Port Angeles. In memory of Art Stennes.

* Staff members of Cardiac Services at Olympic Medical Center, Port Angeles and Sequim. In honor and appreciation of our three medical directors — Drs. Corley, Pedersen and Secaira. We thank you for the endless time with Medical Leadership; tolerance of our phone calls, pages and disruptions. We thoroughly enjoy working along side of you!

* Levetta Frymire, Port Angeles. In memory of Harry Frymire.

* Diane Pirner, Port Hadlock. In memory of my father, John Cowgill.

* Randy and Donna Gore, Port Angeles. In memory of Frank Welsh.

* Pat Norton, Port Angeles. In memory of Clara Ruthenbeck.

* Richard and Ginger Haberman, Forks. In memory of Cassidy Hunter.

* E. Morrison, Port Angeles. In memory of Evie Kreider.

* Marilyn Bosckis, Sequim. In memory of my husband, Rae Bosckis.

* Bart and Marilyn Irwin, Port Angeles. In memory of Bill Oliver.

* Marilyn and Bart Irwin, Port Angeles. In memory of Bob Green.

* Lucille Caughron, Sequim. In memory of Leonard Caughron.

* Francis Kyle, Port Angeles.

* Dale and LaRue Robirts, Sequim.

* Ann and Bob McCartney, Port Angeles.

* Darold and Kay Seed, Port Angeles.

* Carol A. Baker, Port Townsend.

* P.V. Beck, San Cristobal, N.M.

* Bob and Pat Cech, Port Angeles.

* Susan Feiro, Port Angeles.

* J. and V. Pearson, Forks.

* Warren and Julie Horsley, Port Angeles.

* Margo Donzé-Sanders, Sequim.

* Bob Boardman and Susan Chadd, Port Angeles.

* Campbell/Perdue Family, Port Angeles.

* Monte Rivett, Port Angeles.

* Dougie McCollom, Sequim.

* Elinor Cutsforth, Sequim.

* Trudy Rosenberg and Lois Frisch, Sequim.

* Lucille S. Whittier, Sequim.

* Edith Christie, Port Angeles.

* Steven and Lucy Nordwell, Port Angeles.

* Hildegard E. Martin, Port Angeles.

* Joe and Karen Holtrop, Sequim.

* Jacob and Karin Dethlefs, Sequim.

* Dick and Vicki Van Calcar, Port Angeles.

* Steve Inscore, Auburn.

* John Bodger and Selden McKee, Port Townsend.

* Estill and Reba Cornett, Port Angeles.

* Ted and Larena Klahn, Forks.

* Gary and Elaine Nelson, Port Townsend.

* May Carrell, Port Angeles.

* Margaret Jamison, Port Angeles.

* Pat and Tina O’Hara, Port Angeles.

Many thanks also to these donors (who requested anonymity):

* Sequim; $100. In memory of Evelyn Callaghan.

* Port Angeles; $15. In memory of Cora Jones.

* Port Angeles; $50. In memory of Jay Pressley.

* Carlsborg; $100. In memory of deceased uncles, aunts and grandparents.

* Bainbridge Island; $200. In memory of Jim Wood.

* Port Angeles; $50. In memory of Barbara Amey.

* Port Angeles; $50. At this joyful Christmas season, when hope is born anew, may God grant His richest blessing and much happiness to you for all that you do for others. God’s blessings to each of you.

* Sequim; $50. In honor of Catherine Jack.

* Port Angeles; $200. In honor of all our 9th and E Street neighbors, the Kurhajetz and Vincent families and all the friendly area service providers. Those that plant Kindness gather Love.

* Port Townsend; $30. In honor of Peninsula Daily News.

Port Angeles; $25. In honor of Flat Head Lake, Mont., friends.

* Forks; $20.

* Unknown; $10,

* Sequim; $100.

* Port Townsend; $50.

* Port Angeles; $100.

* Sequim; $20.

* Port Angeles; $25.

* Port Angeles, $50.

* Sequim; $100.

* Port Angeles; $50.

* Port Angeles; $75.

* Brinnon; $25.

* Port Angeles; $200.

* Port Angeles; $700.

* Port Angeles; $20.

* Sequim; $25.

* Port Angeles; $100.

* Port Angeles; $20.

* Nordland; $100.

* Port Hadlock; $200.

* Port Angeles; $300.

* Port Ludlow; $250.

* Sequim; $50.

* Port Angeles; $30.

* Port Townsend; $50.


HANDWRITING CAN BE hard to decipher at times.

Please report any errors in this list to John Brewer, 360-417-3500 (there’s voice mail if he’s away); or e-mail him at [email protected]

We’ll rerun the listing correctly.

Our sincerest appreciation again to our donors.

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