High winds knock out power to hundreds in Jefferson County

QUILCENE — Residents of Quilcene were without power for hours Wednesday after trees took down power lines during a windstorm.

High winds caused several power outages in Jefferson County, including areas of Port Townsend and Gardiner.

The outages affected more than 1,000 PUD customers at one point early Wednesday.

Residents of Quilcene went without power for hours Wednesday as crews scrambled to restring lines, according to the Jefferson County Public Utility District.

All of the outages were caused by trees leaning on or taking down lines completely. While many were easy fixes, the PUD warned Wednesday morning that people in Quilcene could be without power for roughly 24 hours.

Crews were able to restore power to a majority of Quilcene residents by 10 a.m. Wednesday. The last residents without power were those in East Quilcene and on the Bolton Peninsula.

According to the PUD’s Twitter feed, crews hoped to have power restored completely by roughly 6 p.m. Wednesday.