PHOTO: Lazy, hazy days of summer

With several days of temperatures reaching 90 in the Forks-Beaver area many adults and children have taken to the Lake Pleasant County Park. Picnic-goers, swimmers,… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Birds are well aware of environmental changes

BIRDS ARE WELL aware of the changes that take place in their environment. They’re super-sensitive to what is happening or has happened on their home… Continue reading

HELP LINE: Shop around when looking for in-home care

NOW, WHERE DID we stop last week? Right: Go get last week’s column that you cut out and stuck on the fridge (it’s under the… Continue reading

Tickets available now for Hog Wild

Tickets are on sale now for Hog Wild — A Night of Games, Suds and Grub set at Harbinger Winery on Aug.… Continue reading

Second Art Blastapalooza set today in Port Angeles

The Port Angeles Library will take the quarterly Art Blast in a new direction for the second Art Blastapalooza today. The event… Continue reading

African dance, big band music and disaster training upcoming

African dance and music, a garage and plant sale spread over four areas, and disaster aid training are among the upcoming activities on the North… Continue reading

Master Gardeners offer guided walk with a focus on flowers

The Clallam County Master Gardeners are offering a guided tour of the Woodcock Demonstration Garden at 10 a.m. today. The tour will be… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: Water, water, water is key

THINGS ARE DRYING out with our warm weather and summer breezes, which ideally suits some of the Mediterranean plants that like a drier climate, such… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: When ducks are in trouble, men come to the rescue

BABY DUCKLINGS ARE very small. Their fluffy feathers are misleading and cover up the truth that a miniature creation is beneath them. Add this to… Continue reading

HELP LINE: The nuances of insurance are complicated

BASED ON A lot of emails that I’ve received from a lot of you, there are a lot of good questions floating around that are… Continue reading

HORSEPLAY: Backbone of the organization is honored

DO YOU HAVE a good backbone? I’m not talking about your spine, but if you’re a part of any organization, be it for work, hobby… Continue reading

PENINSULA KITCHEN: Cooking grass-fed beef requires lower heat, longer times

THE FIRST TIME I splurged on a locally grazed, 100 percent grass-fed sirloin steak, well … quite honestly, I blew it. I carefully prepared all… Continue reading

ISSUES OF FAITH: Use words, actions to help heal the broken world

“A GENTLE ANSWER turns away wrath, but hard words stir up anger” (Proverbs 15:1). “Gentle words bring life and health; a deceitful tongue crushes the… Continue reading

Waffles and raptors, pickleball court ribbon-cutting, ‘plogging’ offered on Peninsula

A waffles and raptors event, a pickleball court ribbon-cutting and a “plogging” run on Ediz Hook are among the upcoming activities on the North Olympic… Continue reading

A GROWING CONCERN: Pinch, stake and edge through summer

IT IS SUMMER here, in full swing with beautiful hot days. Your yard is blooming, the veggies are coming on, fruit is beginning to swell… Continue reading

4-H sport shooters sweep state championship to earn medals

The 4-H Clallam County Shooting Sports Air Rifle Team fared well during the annual 4-H Shooting Sports State Championship, sweeping first, second and… Continue reading

BACK WHEN: Quarantine Stations, Part II: The Diamond Point station moves to Point Hudson

Editor’s note: This month’s Jefferson County Back When column is a continuation of last month’s column published June 17. AS THE YEARS went by, the… Continue reading

BIRD WATCH: Humdinger of a mystery

THE FIRST TIME this incident occurred, or more correctly that I witnessed it, I assumed it was a one-time thing and that a chickadee had… Continue reading

HELP LINE: If behavior changes happen, always call the doctor

THE FACT IS that it’s pretty easy for me to sit in front of a keyboard and pontificate on the vagaries of this or that… Continue reading

ISSUES OF FAITH: Terminal joy through faith

STEPHANIE PACKER IS a 37 year old mother of four, who was diagnosed with terminal scleroderma, an autoimmune disease, eight years ago. Packer was given… Continue reading