HORSEPLAY: Ensure you’re prepared for the snow, ice

YIKES. ICE AND snow fell upon us a bit early this year, didn’t it?

Because I am not a fan of cold weather (my insides shudder just looking out my windows at the chilly white mass) I’m probably better prepared for it than most, so I thought I’d share some of my cold-weather aids.

First and foremost, from caring for my elderly mother I learned the caregiver’s mantra — take care of yourself first, because if you get hurt how can you take care of your loves ones, including your animals?

Have you ever slipped on ice?

My aching backside can attest it’s been a victim of slipping on the treacherous frozen liquid more than once.

Products that work

I use a pet- and environmentally-safe commercially made ice-melt product to keep our walkways and the horse paddock free of ice.

I don’t use anything in their feed areas.

The pet version is slightly more expensive but it’s worth it as your dogs and cats paw pads won’t get burned.

On my gravel driveway I spread water softener pellets.

It’s cheaper and the slow-to-dissolve pellets work great to melt a lot of snow.

Salt has long been used to melt ice.

I’m told rock salt works best.

And while salt is a natural ingredient we need to use it sparingly as it’s harmful to grass and plants.

Different techniques

In my search to find a way t