Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Save the sequoia, don’t cut it down

Save the sequoia My name is Devon Graywolf, I am on the Port Angeles Tree Advisory Council. We vehemently oppose the city’s current plan to… Continue reading

  • Nov 25, 2018

LETTER: Community safer when mental health services adequately funded

As Washington’s development of the 2019-21 biennial budget approaches, please support funding for mental health services. In 2016, due to staffing, safety and credentialing deficiencies,… Continue reading

  • Nov 23, 2018

LETTER: Democrats concerned about tax cuts that level playing field

Democrats are alarmed that President Donald Trump’s tax cuts help only the wealthy, that patterns of inequality continue with the rich getting richer and the… Continue reading

  • Nov 22, 2018

LETTER: State legislation needed after I-1639

Now that Initiative 1639, Safe Schools and Safe Communities, has passed, there is still more that needs to be done. Currently, there is no state… Continue reading

  • Nov 21, 2018

LETTER: Washington goes the way of California

I mourn for all the victims of the murders at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks, Calif. It appears the strict California gun… Continue reading

  • Nov 21, 2018

LETTER: Offended by president’s words and actions

I am writing concerning the person who placed the cardboard sign that read “offended” over my sign which read “Trump = Criminal” in the windshield… Continue reading

  • Nov 20, 2018

LETTER: Encourage immigrants to get medical care

Encourage the care In Sunday’s PDN, Dr. John Wegmann made a coherent appeal for the administration to change the policy that can lead to immigrant… Continue reading

  • Nov 18, 2018

LETTER: Kudos to Jefferson County’s Kler, PDN for Shields article

Kudos for article I was moved by the report of Jefferson County Commissioner Kathleen Kler’s remarks at the ceremony honoring Medal of Honor recipient Marvin… Continue reading

  • Nov 18, 2018

LETTER: Loving one’s neighbor means everyone

Love your neighbor I write to condemn a shameful ad published in the PDN, “Students Before Politics,” Nov. 2. The ad’s sponsors claim to value… Continue reading

  • Nov 18, 2018

LETTER: Memorial distracting where drivers need to pay attention

Distracting memorial I am writing with a concern about the beautiful and ever-growing memorial at the site of the young woman’s demise on Morse Creek… Continue reading

  • Nov 18, 2018

LETTER: ‘Triangle of Life’ a dangerous fad in earthquake safety

Earthquake ‘fad’ I am a retired geologist who specialized in earthquake awareness and safety. Imagine my horror when I discovered that some schools are instructing… Continue reading

  • Nov 16, 2018

LETTER: Daylight savings time means unnatural time, aggravation

Time, aggravation Now, finally, the voting hoopla season is over and we’ve just had to deal with the daylight savings time fiasco, which half of… Continue reading

  • Nov 16, 2018

LETTER: FLASH program undermines students’ health

When Sequim parents articulated objections to Family Life and Sexual Health, Sequim School District suspended FLASH (“Sexual health education program suspended at Sequim schools,” PDN,… Continue reading

  • Nov 15, 2018

LETTER: Need for scientific information about gender reassignment

Transplant recipients often reject organ donations when the immune system performs its natural function by sending cells or antibodies to destroy what is foreign. The… Continue reading

  • Nov 15, 2018

LETTER: Decisions on the chopping block in the U.S., internationally

The degradation of a human’s life/right and moral decisions are entering the morass of hell when those decisions made by our administrative leaders are weighed… Continue reading

  • Nov 14, 2018

LETTER: Immigrants treated cruelly, inhumanely at southern border

The normalization of President Donald Trump’s racist, inhumane and cruel treatment of immigrants at the southern border must not be accepted without question. Where is… Continue reading

  • Nov 14, 2018

LETTER: Deliberate dismantlement of our government

I appreciate OMC’s CEO Eric Lewis educating the public about the government’s plan to substantially cut Medicare reimbursements. This will affect us all, in quality… Continue reading

  • Nov 13, 2018

LETTER: Opposed to DHS proposed ‘public charge’ rule for non-citizens

Opposed to proposal In October, the Department of Homeland Security issued a proposed regulation that expands the “public charge” test, which is used to identify… Continue reading

  • Nov 11, 2018

LETTER: Thanks to Crab Festival volunteers

Thanks to volunteers I spent the weekend of Oct. 5-7 working in the main crab booth at the Dungeness Crab and Seafood Festival. Each year… Continue reading

  • Nov 11, 2018

LETTER: Trump a ‘charlatan’ in American business

American business In a recent letter to the Peninsula Daily News, President Donald Trump was positively differentiated from other politicians by the statement “(he) is… Continue reading

  • Nov 11, 2018