Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Election has exposed Jefferson Healthcare commission’s dysfunction

What normally is a pretty mundane Jefferson Healthcare hospital commission has now been self-exposed since Cheri Van Hoover started doorbelling for a seat at the… Continue reading

LETTER: Jefferson should step up for affordable housing with Prop 1

I believe every one of us has inherent worth that we all deserve the dignity of housing that we can afford; that it should be… Continue reading

LETTER: McComas has background needed for Jefferson Healthcare board

Bruce McComas has my support for a number of reasons. As a retired registered nurse and a long-term oncology patient at Jefferson Healthcare, I have… Continue reading

LETTER: Misleading letter obfuscates the facts of fluoride

A recent letter (“Pregnancy, fluoride,” Peninsula Daily News, Oct. 30) brought to our attention a newly published study on maternal fluoride exposure and IQ in… Continue reading

LETTER: Moving makes fluoridated water obvious choice

An interesting data point: When my adult daughter moved to Hawaii after growing up in Vancouver, her first visit to the dentist drew the exclamation,… Continue reading

LETTER: Recent letter writer obfuscates facts in flouride study

Unfortunately, another letter writer is not the only person who can read fluoride-related magazine articles. The misleading statistics a writer cited in her Oct. 30… Continue reading

LETTER: Urges ‘no’ vote on water fluoridation in Port Angeles

Vote no on Proposition 2. Our community has had an advisory survey and one vote in the past, each time voting in the majority that… Continue reading

LETTER: Vote ‘no’ on second-class-city, fluoride questions

When I saw a recent photo headline, “Taking a stand for water,” I thought it was about fluoride-free drinking water. Wrong! So I’m writing about… Continue reading

LETTER: Dexter has experience, education for Port Angeles

I’m voting for Kate Dexter. When I think about the Port Angeles City Council candidates as job applicants, the choice is clear. I choose Kate… Continue reading

LETTER: Education the key to proper gun-owning responsibility, not legislation

To comment on the letter “Gun control action” in the Oct. 12 edition of the Peninsula Daily News, first, my heart grieves for all the… Continue reading

LETTER: Jefferson’s Prop 1 small yet big investment for community

Are you concerned about rising rents and housing prices? Do you know someone who has had trouble finding an affordable place to live? Do you… Continue reading

LETTER: Pool expansion, renovation will lift Port Angeles

I have been involved in aquatics for 50 years. I have seen aquatic centers support and improve communities in several states and in New Zealand.… Continue reading

LETTER: Van Hoover a chance for new blood on commission

There is concern “we don’t need another health care person.” The current Jefferson Healthcare commissioners have long-term connections to the hospital and/or to the commission.… Continue reading

LETTER: Vote Van Hoover for hospital commission

Now it’s time to think critically about your choice for Jefferson Healthcare hospital commissioner. Both candidates are intelligent, thoughtful people. If the job were more… Continue reading

LETTER: Juvenile detention center tax small price to pay

I don’t like new taxes any more than the next guy, but the Tax for Juvenile Detention Facilities (Proposition 1) is as close to a… Continue reading

LETTER: Van Hoover would bring balance to hospital board

First, consider the math. Now, consider the fact that Jefferson Healthcare, a publicly owned and operated institution, has had a three-to-two split board. One faction… Continue reading

LETTER: Jefferson’s Prop 1 a bailout for Port Townsend project

Jefferson County politicians are now asking all property tax payers to bail them out from a $250,000 Port Townsend loan via Proposition 1 for a… Continue reading

LETTER: What could we give up to reduce oil dependence?

When I saw the front-page picture [Oct. 24] with the title “Taking a stand for water” of Olympic Climate Action] protesters in Port Angeles objecting… Continue reading

LETTER: Jefferson Prop 1 a stimulus for affordable housing

Jefferson County Proposition 1 to establish a Home Opportunity Fund for affordable housing provides a creative approach in addressing a perplexing community need. I would… Continue reading

LETTER: Pregnant women should avoid fluoride

A study, published in Environmental Health Perspectives (Sept. 19), shows child brain damage occurs when pregnant mothers drink waters fluoridated at the so-called “optimum levels”… Continue reading