Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Ball players rightly honored the flag at World Series

A patriotic applause to the members of the Major League Baseball World Series teams. They all had their hats removed and hands over hearts when… Continue reading

LETTER: Shipping pipeline’s oil tar puts Salish Sea at risk

Our Strait of Juan de Fuca, part of the greater inland water body known as the Salish Sea, is about to be put at risk… Continue reading

LETTER: Waste not want not with vegetables

I’ve long wondered how much the leaves of the cauliflowers I bought weighed and how much extra they cost me. Last night, I decided to… Continue reading

LETTER: Don’t look for savings in public defender services

With the proposed “money saving” change to the public defender operation in Clallam County, I am not totally surprised (“Clallam Public Defender Offers New Contract… Continue reading

LETTER: First Amendment protects popular and unpopular speech

The Oct. 27 letter [“Stand for the flag,” Peninsula Daily News] sets out what behaviors are respectful when the national anthem is played. The U.S.… Continue reading

LETTER: Radical right attacking Republican Party from within

The Grand Old Party is at war with itself and cracking open like a rotten egg. The establishment wing of the party is under attack… Continue reading

LETTER: Stand up and impeach dangerous egomaniac

Well, folks, seen and heard enough? I am seriously concerned about the mental health of this nation’s chief executive. I am convinced that he suffers… Continue reading

LETTER: Article revived fond memories of Kintner

Reading the story about Quinn Redlin Kintner (“PA Activist Is Nominated For State Award,” PDN, Oct. 30) brought many wonderful memories. She was about the… Continue reading

LETTER: Responders’ quick action saved husband in Sequim

We want to say how extremely appreciative we are for the Clallam Fire District No. 3 medics in Blyn with Lt. Joel McKeen. They responded… Continue reading

LETTER: Tribal concerns co-opted by project’s opposition

I find it interesting that after several invitations to the table, beginning with the (GMA) Brinnon Sub-Area Planning process in the early 2000s, tribal concerns… Continue reading

LETTER: Port Angeles truly a city of angels for visitor

On Nov. 1, my elderly parents and I were on our way back to Montana after spending a few days on the Olympic Peninsula. We… Continue reading

LETTER: Believers, constitutionalists not welcome on West Coast

Mourning after sweeping Democratic victories will truly begin as emboldened lawmakers take on our education system, taxes and gun control under the blue banner of… Continue reading

LETTER: Roughrider Hall of Fame article sparked warm memories

I read with pleasure Pierre Labossiere’s article (“Port Angeles High School Roughrider Hall of Fame Announces First Class,” Peninsula Daily News, Oct. 25) in which… Continue reading

LETTER: I can live with Fort Discovery’s proposed move to Port Townsend area

As an avid angler and summer swimmer in Tarboo Lake, when I heard that Fort Discovery Inc. was planning to build a shooting and recreation… Continue reading

LETTER: Murray using fear to get support for bill

Hats off to an intelligent and caring parent. The Peninsula Daily News’ Oct. 22 letter “Fearmongering” used facts and statistics against a politician looking for… Continue reading

LETTER: Ferguson’s legal tests show his bias and partiality

As a retired lawyer, I view Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s test of whether to file another suit against the president a little differently (“State AG… Continue reading

LETTERS: Doesn’t see sense in anti-police stance of NFL players

The November Reader’s Digest contains an article called, “The Nicest Places in America,” which shows a completely different view of America than you see in… Continue reading

LETTER: Public should divest itself of pipeline-supporting banks

Oil tankers have delivered North Slope crude for decades through the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and although that history hasn’t been spill-free, we’ve come… Continue reading

LETTER: Affordable housing tax a bad bet in Jefferson

Having lived in affordable housing and worked there for 20 years in Seattle, I don’t recommend it. Taxing yourself to build an instant slum seems… Continue reading

LETTER: Better ways to address oral health than water fluoridation

I am going to make an assumption that fluoride prevents cavities. I haven’t seen any convincing double-blind studies to confirm that, but to be safe,… Continue reading