Letters to the Editor

LETTER: Father should appreciate president’s efforts to get son out of Chinese jail

Right on, high five, son. This seems to be the message given from an “out of touch” father, LaVar Ball to his son, LiAngelo, and… Continue reading

LETTER: Refreshing to see the president’s accomplishments noted

It is impossible to state how great and refreshing it is to finally have someone “tell it like it is” regarding our president and his… Continue reading

LETTER: American nationalism recalls Germany of 1930s

The thought-provoking “Matter of principle” letter (PDN, Nov. 20) righteously brings recrimination to those who champion liberal ideology. We long for the time when we… Continue reading

LETTER: City should seek bids for Port Angeles bridge barriers

It cannot possibly cost $900,000 to add 4 feet to the existing railings on the Eighth Street bridges. Let’s put it out to local bid… Continue reading

LETTER: Cost of barriers in human life growing in Port Angeles

Now we know the value of a human life: $900,000. The cost grows higher with each person who can climb a railing. I’m horrified that… Continue reading

LETTER: Port Angeles needs bridge barriers erected quickly

Nearly everyone in this community has thought about the Eighth Street bridges today. Many have thought about little else. The question is not whether fences… Continue reading

LETTER: Americans agree to founding principles

With reference to “GOP at war,” and “Protecting speech,” (PDN, Nov. 12): Oh, the irony. We just celebrated Veterans Day and today, we are treated… Continue reading

LETTER: Canadian pipeline project risks much but benefits none in Washington

I’m writing regarding the Peninsula Voices letter of Nov. 1, “Oil challenges.” Yes, we did carpool, ride bicycles and walk to the event. We also… Continue reading

  • Nov 19, 2017

LETTER: Delve deeply into the suicide problem on Peninsula

Decades ago, a Peninsula Daily News reporter wrote a series of articles on the prevalence of teen suicides on the Olympic Peninsula. Apparently it is… Continue reading

LETTER: Drivers need to be more cautious at crosswalks

On Nov. 9, I saw two schoolchildren almost hit trying to cross the street in Bremerton. It was on a four-lane arterial. A car in… Continue reading

LETTER: Halloween costumes demeans honorable hobos

Consider the following response to “What was the most interesting Halloween costume you ever saw?” in “Speaking Out,” Peninsula Daily News, Oct. 29: “A hobo.… Continue reading

LETTER: Newspaper should stop reporting on suicides

Rarely have I felt it necessary to write you [the Peninsula Daily News]. My heart aches that each of these “real people” has a sad… Continue reading

LETTER: Oil being consumed at gluttonous rates with few options

In reference to the [Nov. 1] letter to the editor titled “Oil challenges.” The letter writer makes a number of valid points regarding energy challenges… Continue reading

LETTER: Port Angeles planning for trail ‘problem’ that doesn’t exist

On Oct. 13, the Peninsula Daily News ran an article on the Olympic Discovery Trail open house [“Homeowners Give Input On ODT Segments At Open… Continue reading

LETTER: Time to rescind or enforce state law about mufflers

I am sure a lot of people locally do not know about or just ignore the following Revised Code of Washington law. It is apparent… Continue reading

LETTER: True 20 percent corporate tax rate worth supporting

President Donald Trump keeps insisting that industry is taxed at the highest rate of any industrialized country, in fact almost every country in the whole… Continue reading

LETTER: Worthington Mansion upgrade in the works for Quilcene

If you’re passing through Quilcene, we would recommend that you take a slight detour on Columbia Street, just as you enter the town traveling south… Continue reading

LETTER: Bridge fence would take away ‘easy way out’

How can we help Port Angeles get a suicide-prevention fence up on the two Eighth Street bridges? I read that they need almost a million… Continue reading

LETTER: Citizens should speak up for Eighth Street bridge railings

Once again, approximately 15 years later, I write another letter appealing to the city to build pedestrian safety railings over both the Eighth Street bridges.… Continue reading

LETTER: Get out the scissors if Dear Abby is too racy

Regarding the Oct. 31 “Peninsula Voices,” I would like to respond and make a suggestion to the “Racy Dear Abby” concerned parent. In my opinion,… Continue reading