LETTERS: Use common sense, not party filters, in local voting

Common sense voting

How do you feel about the party gridlock that’s gripping our nation?

I am sick of it and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.

Washington, D.C., has never been so poisonous and ineffective in my memory.

Most voters want to see some cooperation and do not equate that with “selling out.”

Yet the June 24 letter “Votes for Trump,” advises voting only for Democrats at every level of government because the Republican party has “become the party of Trump at all levels.”

This is a sure-fire way to guarantee that D.C.-style dysfunction poisons our local well.

Using a party filter to choose local electeds is ridiculous.

Most local positions are non-partisan because things like road maintenance, public safety and court administration are issues of the common good belonging to no party.

We need electeds who are competent, have common sense and are not captive to any political ideology.

Good principles are not party-specific.

They occur in people of good will across the political spectrum.

We do not need to play out federal-level dysfunction at the county or city levels.

And we voters also need to exercise our own common sense.

When casting our votes, I hope we will all use that and not some knee-jerk, simplistic formula with no bearing on the local world we share.

Laurel Black,

Port Angeles

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