LETTERS: November election could decide direction of country

We have four months to decide the direction of our country with the elections in November.

Will we be spectators standing on the sideline of our country watching the long-term damage being inflicted on us by a dishonest, untruthful and deceitful president totally supported by the Republican party?

Or will we have a president who is countered by a Democratic House and-or Democratic Senate?

As of this moment, our Republican-dominated Congress has rolled over on its responsibilities hoping to pick up the dregs the president throws its way.

They don’t seem to care about the damage and lack of trust that the vast majority of the American people have for our government.

The continued lying of our president, verified at around 6.5 lies, misleading claims and flip-flops per day for more than 3,000 times since he has taken office do nothing but damage our credibility worldwide and at home.

This president has become the dupe of our enemies and he has made enemies of our best friends.

The existing Congress has done about nothing; in fact, has promoted their own gain — these atrocities.

We have a chance in five months to slow down, and hopefully, stop the meandering of our present leader by electing a Congress who will curb the worst of his leadership.

Vote for a Democratic Congress, not because you are a Democrat, but because you want to have a country that will support the needs of its citizens.

Frank Cimino,


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