LETTERS: Mainstream media, foreign countries not blamed for immigration mess

Phony blame

The mass groups of people swarming to our southern border for the specter of families getting broken up and kids kept in cages has been unpleasant to view on TV.

The little games of sensationalizing and promoting polarization that our media is playing has made a bad situation much worse.

The sudden orchestrated shrill media response of blaming President Trump for our immigration problems that has been going on years is totally phony.

Totally phony because these media people and leaders of the Democratic party said nothing while President Obama was also putting some kids in cages in 2014.

They’re hoping to influence our midterm elections in any way they can.

There has been a deafening silence on why people are desperate to take many risks on a long trip to escape from their Central American homes.

As usual, the real culprits who caused this bad situation — the corrupt thugs and gangs running these countries — are not getting blamed.

These leaders are laughing at us as we deal with the mess they are creating.

I suggest it’s time to apply economic and political pressure on the leaders of these nations.

Require them to submit to an investigation before we do any trading or have financial transactions with them.

Let’s suggest to them that we will allow them to become a U.S. territory while we “help them” to solve their problems.

John Usher,

Port Angeles

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