LETTERS: Disagrees with Cal Thomas on climate change

Sometimes I agree with Cal Thomas, but I think he is wrong about the lack of danger of climate change.

Here is a quote from page 48 of the May edition of Smithsonian magazine: “Between 1962-2006, glaciers melting in Alaska lost more than 44o cubic miles of water, nearly four times the volume of Lake Erie.

The Tyndall glacier has been retreating so quickly that it is leaving behind steep, unsupported walls of rock and dirt.

On October 17, 2015, the largest landslide in North America in 38 years crashed down in the Taan Fjord.

More than two hundred million tons of rock slid into the Taan Fjord in about 60 seconds, creating a tsunami that was initially 630 feet high, obliterating everything in its path.”

The glaciers of Greenland are likewise melting.

I wonder if Mr. Thomas has tried to calculate how much sea level will rise when they are gone, and what his prescription will be for relocating the millions or billions of people whose lands will be under water.

Occasional sea incursion is already a problem in such places as Norfolk, Va.

Kent Brauninger,

Port Angeles

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