LETTER: Wrong to celebrate bridge barriers with block party

No bridge party

I’m sorry but I think it’s in very poor taste to have a block party to celebrate suicide barriers.

The reason the barriers are being installed is because, tragically, eight individuals killed themselves by using these bridges.

There’s always hope.

No one should ever choose to give up.

We need to encourage voicing your troubles, seeking help and reaching out because of your grief or pain.

I’m pretty sure celebrating with free root beer floats isn’t exactly the way to do that.

Having a dedicating ceremony is appropriate, but it should all be low-key.

We should thank all the supporters of mental health and those who contributed to get these suicide barriers installed.

I can see having a moment of silence for all those who chose to end their pain and suffering by suicide.

Maybe a plaque dedicating these barriers would be appropriate and no doubt there will be many signs posted with mental health contact numbers.

But a block party with music and food vendors seems very much out of place given the solemn reasoning behind these suicide barriers.

How could anyone feel celebratory knowing people died there?

We should put more effort towards other measures in helping those contemplating suicide than having a block party.

This “celebration” seriously needs to be rethought.

I hope others who feel this way will also speak up.

Lina Jusell,

Port Angeles

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