LETTER: Will miss columnist Charles Krauthammer

Will be missed

History has a way of closing certain parts in various ways, and so it is that I hereby indicate the greatest respect for columnist Charles Krauthammer (even though I have disagreed on some minor points of his on rare occasions).

I think that Krauthammer took a novel way to “go out” by making his own announcement of his impending death, and making it early enough that his friends and followers can, in essence, say “goodbye” to him, as well as express their great appreciation of the ideas and thoughts that he so often brought to the fore.

Mentally, he could never be called handicapped.

There were a few commentators or interviewers who could not always give Mr. Krauthammer that bit of needed space, whereas the audiences found his responses to be clever, insightful and worth the wait.

We will miss this special scholar, statesman and gentleman.

Michael Berg,


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