LETTER: Voting for Wilke for District 24 state representative

Support Wilke

I want to encourage American citizens in Clallam County to be sure to vote in our 2018 primary election.

Most people have received their mail-in ballots and know where the ballot boxes are.

In Sequim, the box is near the J.C. Penney store and ballots must be received before Aug. 7.

Many of us watch or read the news and cringe at some of the things our politicians say and do.

Well, this is our chance to do something about it.

Vote out incumbents that you don’t like and support candidates that you do like, but be sure to vote.

Complacency can have surprising results.

Unqualified candidates can sneak into office solely because too many people did not vote.

I would further like to support Jodi Wilke for state representative in District 24.

She is the real deal and has prioritized infrastructure, safe schools and communities, meaningful jobs, and wants to push back against an establishment gone wild, where over-control, over-regulation and over-taxation has been detrimental to the well-being of our residents.

Wilke has a diverse background in a variety of areas that will serve our county well.

Be sure to vote.

This is a very important election year.

Bobbie Piety,


Change in court

The excitement of the day is we — the people — can make a great change in the court by voting for a woman.

Over all these years it has been male judges.

To create a balance in the Clallam County District 1 court, there needs to be a woman judge.

That would be Suzanne Hayden.

Her character is representative of the people.

She has been dedicated and committed to justice as we the people know it.

I especially urge first-time registered voters to vote.

I also urge unregistered voters to get registered and vote.

You all have a chance to make this election a great change for the good.

Suzanne Hayden’s hallmark is the rule of law and her signature.

Ethics, honesty and integrity are her armor.

Just do it and cast your vote.

Dotti Chamblin,

Neah Bay

Voting for Hayden

This primary and subsequent general election are very important.

This position affects most everyone because District Court hears cases regarding traffic infractions and various misdemeanors.

This judge will be hearing and settling your contest of traffic tickets and your complaints for trespass, assault and various legally mischievous incidents.

Behind this bench, you want a judge who will use common sense and apply solutions that will work for all parties involved whereby the defendant and community will benefit.

Suzanne Hayden is that person.

She is committed to responsible justice.

She has 23 years practicing law in Clallam County, according to her website.

Most of those years has been as a defense attorney for juveniles.

Hayden understands and complies with the safety component of a courtroom, but has cooperatively worked to maintain a child’s dignity when being confronted with their mistakes.

Her compassion for changed lives for offenders of misdemeanors to become positive contributors in society is this candidate’s strength.

She approaches decisions regarding what is best for the community at large — whether to charge fines and/or jail time, or call for community service in an educational realm whereby the individual would attain a degree/diploma in order to pay restitution and positively contribute, giving back to the community.

The top two candidates will appear on the general election ballot in November.

I want to see Suzanne Hayden’s name on the general election ballot in November.

That’s why I’ve already mailed in my ballot.

Carol Lichten,


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