LETTER: Voting for a woman a vote for change in court

Change in court

The excitement of the day is we — the people — can make a great change in the court by voting for a woman.

Over all these years it has been male judges.

To create a balance in the Clallam County District 1 court, there needs to be a woman judge.

That would be Suzanne Hayden.

Her character is representative of the people.

She has been dedicated and committed to justice as we the people know it.

I especially urge first-time registered voters to vote.

I also urge unregistered voters to get registered and vote.

You all have a chance to make this election a great change for the good.

Suzanne Hayden’s hallmark is the rule of law and her signature.

Ethics, honesty and integrity are her armor.

Just do it and cast your vote.

Dotti Chamblin,

Neah Bay

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