LETTER: Urging people to get politically involved

In the last election in November, the people of Virginia asked as many voters as possible to “run for something.”

This request was taken to heart and many who had no experience in politics decided to run for office.

They ran for local, state and federal positions.

Many of those that were running were women.

They felt they had a chance to make a difference in the body of politics in their state.

Most of them won their elections and started immediately to change the course of politics in their state.

Most were Democrats who felt that by taking on their new role they could make Virginia and the federal government a place that worked for the citizens.

We now have an example of what the everyday citizen can do to change the course of government.

I’m not asking for all of us to run for some kind of public office, but to think about what they can do to make this a better country.

I’m asking that we all tell ourselves to “do something,” anything to help with our survival.

Doing something can be as simple as telling people what you feel about how government isn’t helping and then suggestions as to what you feel would help and start a discussion.

Get involved in elections.

Run for office.

Write a letter to the editor.

Give help and/or money to someone you believe will make a good leader.

Basically, stop worrying about how bad things are and go out and do something — anything.

Frank Cimino,


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