LETTER: Urges voters to examine Winborn’s record in Clallam

The Department of Community Development, its practices, goals and the implementation of such goals is indeed not an easy “row to hoe.”

This is a department certainly not to be influenced by special interests (huge “bed & breakfast” establishments — comically disguised as family homes, or other “outside” purely money-making schemes).

Lucky us.

We already have such a person — Mary Ellen Winborn.

She is not only a highly educated — and educated in a field, architecture, that is vastly important in any discussion of community development — she is experienced and knowledgeable as to the actual workings of this department.

My family had the pleasure of working on a project that utilized her architectural skills and imagination (our home).

She is a consummate professional who is at ease with all aspects of such a project and provided solutions that went way beyond our expectations.

She is immune to the usual “bullying” that women in this field can often experience and was always completely focused and even pleasant under trying circumstances.

I make particular note of her awareness of the issue of water.

This is a huge issue.

Her solution was to hire a hydrologist — yes, an expert.

Perhaps the most important hire.

This was money well spent.

Water shortages could plague us in the years to come if not dealt with now.

You cannot develop our community without knowing where the water will come from and how to most fairly and intelligently distribute it.

Examine her record as the incumbent and see what we see: a visionary, a leader who is not beholden to any outside special interest and the right person for the job.

Gene Stashuk,

Port Angeles

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