LETTER: U.S. has suffered two years of nonsense

When he was a TV personality, President Donald Trump decided “The Apprentice” was wearing thin. He began looking for bigger and better approaches to keep himself before the public.

What better than a “the great American soap opera” which allowed him to provide unsurpassed drama weekly in his role as president?

His administration has provided him with a continuing cast of characters coming and going, winning and losing.

His villain has been former President Barrack Obama who — he claims — has driven the country into the depths of depression and despair which only Trump can correct all by himself.

We have suffered through exactly two years of this nonsense since he secured the Republican nomination.

When will the public wake up and realize that our neighbors are getting fed up with this administration that bears no resemblance to the America that pulled both Germany and Japan back on their feet after WWII, made them into thriving nations and kept this continent at least stable and respected until now?

Patricia Gallup,


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