LETTER: Tharinger, Chapman bring help for Olympic Peninsula

We were wise to elect, and re-elect, Democrats Steve Tharinger, Mike Chapman, and Kevin Van De Wege to represent us in Olympia.

They pushed through common sense legislation that benefits our community despite obstruction by Republicans.

They also stand firm on principle.

In the July 9 debate in Port Angeles with the GOP’s Jim McEntire, Tharinger warned that global warming is upon us and the sooner we legislate curbs on these hot house fuels, the better.

McEntire waffled.

He said there is no basis for legislative action to save humanity from climate disaster, according to a PDN article on July 11.

It is not smart to hem and haw when the curtains are on fire in your bedroom.

Tharinger pointed out that as chair of the House Capital Budget Committee, he was instrumental in the appropriation of $1.9 million for “job training” at Peninsula Community College, that benefits Olympic Medical Center and Peninsula jobseekers, according to the PDN article.

His chairmanship secured $1 billion to build or repair public schools and $800 million to build and repair college and university buildings.

He helped secure $610,000 for the North Olympic Healthcare Network, $524,000 to save the Smith family farm and nearly as much to save the Historic Ward Farm.

Saving farmland is vital to local, organic vegetable growing, such as Nash Huber’s farming. Tharinger, Chapman, and Van de Wege secured $649,000 for the Spruce Trail and other projects that protect nature and provide jobs.

Vote for Steve Tharinger and Mike Chapman.

Vote, too, for another problem solver, Mike Doherty for county commissioner.

Tim Wheeler,


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