LETTER: Tax plan rewards those without need

Many experts believe our tax plan will reward those with no need at the cost to those with the greatest need, and are worlds away from stock portfolios and multiple real estate holdings.

Millionaire GOP congressmen gave a deduction to many who are too poor to file.

The GOP predicted growth, which may not occur resulting in deficit increases — probably meaning cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and a myriad of health programs that benefit the elderly, poor and disadvantaged, according to media reports.

This fits in with the Libertarian and Republican philosophy quite well.

Experts also expect infrastructure privatization, (selling off) of portions of the National Highway System, perhaps with government loans and toll roads.

I expect protected lands, monuments and national parks to be downsized, eliminated and desecrated by commercial leases and sales that put commercial operations in otherwise pristine areas.

These will make them more costly to visit and degrade the natural experience.

To revive the economy, we must put money back into the working class pockets so they again can afford to take the family on a car trip, buy a newer car, fix up the house, pay down the mortgage or build a reserve for family needs.

Corporations are already wealthier now than in decades and are beholden by law to their stockholders, not employees.

The result is little wage growth, except upper management, who are rewarded for large layoffs and job exportation if it raises the bottom line, according to media reports.

We are rapidly becoming a nation “of, by and for the richest and corporations.”

Not what the fathers of our country defined.

Michael Neubauer,

Port Angeles

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