LETTER: Supports McAllister for Jefferson County commissioner

Greg Brotherton and Ryan Mc Allister are two Democrats running for Jefferson County commissioner representing District 3.

Brotherton touts his business skills and his success in saving the town of Quilcene.

His accomplishments, noted on his campaign website (www.votegreg.us), include reopening the Quilcene Village Store in 2011, stating that this business success truly brought the town back to life.

Additionally, Brotherton was quoted in a weekly newspaper on July 11: “We have a grocery store in Quilcene. I built it, and my brother runs it now.”

But according to Tom Brotherton, Greg’s father, (PDN, May 11), a team of local investors had been assembled to reopen the Quilcene Village Store in 2011, which had been closed in 2009.

And other businesses?

Well, Greg Brotherton owns a bar and pot shop.

If you liked Proposition 1 during last November’s election, so did Brotherton according to a media report.

Almost seven of ten county voters rejected this levy to tax property owners.

Maybe it’ll come back in some revised version.

McAllister, in his characteristic compassionate demeanor, spoke at the Quilcene Community Center in February.

His life has been devoted to service and of making life better for ordinary people (www.ryanmcallister.net), never seeking personal reward.

If you’re an undecided District 3 voter, take a look at both candidates’ campaign websites and Facebook pages.

Remember, pictures can be worth a thousand words.

Which candidate will remember to include you?

I’ll be voting for Ryan Mc Allister, the young leader I believe will well represent District 3.

Diane Jerich-Domin,

Port Ludlow

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