LETTER: Support for Brotherton in Jefferson County

Democratic candidates for District 3 Board of Jefferson County Commissioners are off and running.

Sharpen your critical thinking skills, listen closely to them and examine their merit badges closely.

Attend the forums, read the voters’ guide and decide carefully who is qualified to represent District 3 voters.

Craig Durgan claims he is a Democrat. In a past unsuccessful candidate adventure [against then-Rep. Kevin Van De Wege in 2010], he identified himself as a Republican.

He hasn’t mentioned it, but isn’t it relevant that Durgan is party to a lawsuit against the county over the Shoreline Master Program all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court? (tiny.cc/PDN-shoreline).

Ryan McAllister champions “getting big money out of politics,” yet over half his funding comes from $500 to $1,000 donations from outside District 3 and his required election filings list only eight individual donors from his district.

So this leads to Greg Brotherton. Greg knows the importance of economic development to District 3, and he’s shown it’s possible by creating successful businesses and jobs. His community elected him to the Quilcene School Board, and he is the only candidate who has served in elective office, according to the candidates’ biographies.

He spoke at the forums with a clear vision for District 3 and the future for our rural county. Greg has 38 donors in District 3, and most of his funding comes from donations of $125 or less.

Greg Brotherton is the clear choice for Jefferson County District 3 BoCC. Greg deserves your vote.

George B. Yount,

Port Townsend

Editor’s note: Yount is the former chairman of the Jefferson County Democats.

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