LETTER: Support Cooke for Jefferson County commission

I am writing in support of Jon Cooke, candidate for the Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners.

I have worked with Jon Cooke and know him to be a reluctant politician, a staunch friend and what I consider a good type of conservative.

He has explained to me that if a process does not work, continually repeating the process will not make it work better.

His answer to the financial problems of Jefferson County is straight forward: Enable and encourage businesses of all sizes to settle in Jefferson County.

Small business is a piece of the action, but the revenue and employment that small businesses provide are limited by the business being small.

Jon also advocates an increase of affordable housing in Jefferson County, as opposed to the subsidized housing that Proposition One last year was going to support.

By increasing jobs and making Jefferson County an attractive place for young working families to live, the county revenue base increases.

One political party has controlled Jefferson County politics for the 15-plus years that my wife and I have lived in Quilcene.

And they have not controlled county operations in such a fashion that all the citizens of the county benefit equally.

It is time to do something different that will work for all of Jefferson County, not just part of it.

John Gusoskey,


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