LETTER: Strong policies, capitalism the answer

Capitalism the answer

Recent anti-Trump letters, (“Deals with Devil” and “Needs censure”) fail to compare the economy and foreign policies of the last 19 months with those of 2008-2016.

Donald Trump will not be here forever, but good economic and foreign policies could have a positive impact for years.

Russia has not occupied any more countries since weak Democratic policies gave them Crimea, eastern Ukraine, and Syria.

No new civil wars have begun in the Middle East.

Americans must start supporting strong foreign policies like the old Democratic Party of Roosevelt and Kennedy.

If Roosevelt hadn’t stepped up in 1941, we have had a Fascist Europe.

If Kennedy hadn’t thrown a naval blockade around Cuba, we could have had nuclear-tipped missiles sitting there targeting every American city.

Mainstream media has predicted impeachment of Trump, Trump dementia and nuclear war with North Korea.

All were fantasies of the left which never came true.

We cannot let CNN and MSNBC tell us how to think.

Another letter (“Political philosophies”) worries that some people may think that socialism could morph into Fascism, but is more likely to morph into Communism.

Who cares, stay away from all three.

Capitalism is the answer.

Remember, Soviet and Chinese socialism in the 20th Century killed more people by starvation and murder (100 million) than both World Wars combined.

Venezuela, once the richest capitalist country in South America, has been taken over by “democratic” socialism.

They are now in the starvation phase of socialism and are about to enter the genocidal phase.

America beware.

Len Grim


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