LETTER: Stanko will be ready on first day

There are very few people we know who are as trustworthy as Jefferson County Sheriff Dave Stanko.

I urge voters to seriously consider this man with a proven record.

He has made a concerted effort to fulfill promises made during his previous election campaign, a list which can be found on his website; you can also read the list of promises made this campaign.

I have known Dave Stanko for a number years and have found him to be a man of great integrity, an honest man who works diligently to make the right decisions without political pressure from either major party.

He is running as an independent [the ballot reads “no party preference”] which underscores this observation.

He brings decades of experience in law enforcement to this position.

With his four years of experience in this job as sheriff of Jefferson County he is ready — on day one — to continue serving the community.

I attended an open house of the jail and emergency management services.

I came away not only impressed with Sheriff Stanko’s openness and desire for the community to see first-hand the services offered, but also with a renewed appreciation for the well-run operation.

He and his team seem to be dedicated to the service and dignity of all.

In today’s environment of political divisiveness, Sheriff Stanko’s non-partisan position of running as an independent seems to me to be an essential prerequisite for the office of sheriff of Jefferson County.

Please spend some time investigating both candidates for this office and I believe you’ll agree that the re-election of Sheriff Stanko for the protection and well-being of our community is the wisest choice.

Bill Nock,

Port Townsend

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