LETTER: Socialism always fails and morphs into fascism

The two political letters in the July 7 paper made me realize why Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi have been in Congress so long.

I’m convinced that collectively they have an IQ in the single digits. But, to the letters.

So Trump gave tax breaks to the rich. He also gave tax breaks to the middle class and the poor, according to media reports.

Apparently the writer didn’t think the rich deserved one.

By the way, taxes are not the government’s money, it’s ours. So all you liberals, feel free to pay at the old rate.

As for the liberal insanity about tariffs, are you totally unaware that the nations Trump has imposed tariffs on already have tariffs against American products?

We’ve been in a tariff war since Clinton, but instead of confronting the problem Clinton, Bush, and Obama (along with the media) ignored the damage being done to this country.

I loved the stats in the first letter. I’m sure the paper asked for proof. Unfortunately, the paper considers just about any left-wing source gospel. Right-wing, not so much. Those stats actually made me laugh.

So, the Democrats are going to run Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Socialist.

Not a surprise when you remember that Hillary Clinton had to rig the Democrat primary to beat Bernie Sanders, another socialist, according to CNN and other outlets.

The fact that socialism always fails and morphs quickly into fascism seems to be a perpetual mystery to liberals.

Mike Keegan,

Port Angeles

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