LETTER: Siding with ‘thinkers’ and ‘believers’

I learned long ago that there are two types of people — Thinkers and Believers.

As the Trump regime spirals out of existence, let’s examine the two camps.

Thinkers engage in critical thinking, making judgments based on empirical evidence, logic and reason.

Their regard for what is verifiable is immense, their regard for what is demonstrably false is less so.

Believers, on the other hand, have a pre-conceived narrative in their heads — based on paranoia and a negative view of human nature — that they cater to, utilizing a multitude of tactics to spread misinformation and hold U.S. citizens hostage to their simple-minded worldview.

In the past six months there has been a spate of letters from both sides: Thinkers (“It’s Projection,” Aug. 13; “Socialism, Fascism,” Aug. 14 and “Political Philosophies,” Aug. 16) and Believers (“Fascist Progressives” March 23; “Heat in the Kitchen,” May 2 and “Gaslighting,” Aug. 2.)

You’ll note the the believers’ logical incoherence, spin and obfuscation that is employed trying to achieve the goal of eliminating democracy and promoting oligarchic rule.

Adding to the dumpster fire of conservative opinion is another conservative screed (“Reject Carbon Tax,” Aug. 26, 2018) in which we’re asked to believe one climate change denier over the observations of 99.999 percent of climate scientists worldwide because reality and factual accuracy is inconvenient for the conservative ruling class.

Review the facts, think rationally, and be realistic — life on Earth and freedom demand it.

Now, that you can believe.

Nicky D’Andrea,

Port Townsend

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