LETTER: Sheriff runs a tight ship in Jefferson

Sheriff Dave Stanko runs a tight ship, with little tolerance for procrastination or obfuscation among his staff.

As the top law enforcement officer in Jefferson County with responsibility for road patrols, courthouse security, the county jail, high school security and waterfront security, if any of his staff under perform he lets them know with a reprimand or even a demotion.

Does this ruffle feathers?

You bet.

It’s the tough part of leadership that Dave doesn’t shrink from.

The sheriff’s race this year is not a personality contest but rather a test of character.

Dave gives it to you straight — no platitudes from him.

He’s running as an independent [the ballot reads “no party preference”], so if you’re tired of marching to a party line and having your choices made by somebody else and you really want the straight scoop, take the time to go to his website, www.davestankoforsheriff.com.

Jon Langdon,

Port Townsend

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