LETTER: Separating illegal migrants illegal and immoral

Immoral, illegal

The question that arises from the policy of incarceration of families in separate facilities is simply: Why is it necessary to separate children from their parents?

The policy of family separation is immoral, illegal and inhumane.

Children do have rights under both international law and U.S. law.

The policy of family separation is an attempt to force deterrence of illegal entry to the U.S. by using family separation as a means to coerce compliance to immigration law.

However, what this policy has accomplished is a backlash of world condemnation regarding immigration policies that use incarcerated children to coerce compliance to immigration law.

The “no tolerance” policy of Attorney General Jeff Sessions has increased suffering without any positive consequences.

The facts do not square with the policy.

The Department of Human Health Services (DHHS) is not prepared to provide accommodations for thousands of grieving children; some of which are younger than five years of age.

This is a self-imposed tragedy that is a result of the “no tolerance” policy which was not well thought out or implemented.

This is not a southern border crisis but rather a moral crisis.

If there is any doubt, consider previous historical U.S. moral dilemmas that were improperly adjudicated such as Native American treaties, slavery, and the Japanese internment.

David Cowan,

Port Angeles

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