LETTER: See something, say something about pet abuse

A serious crime of deliberate, vicious cruelty has been committed in Port Angeles and both animals and humans are in danger until this evil perpetrator is caught.

The pain and agony that poor Tarot the cat endured is something no living creature deserves.

In my opinion, anyone who could cut a cat in half should be put away and never be free again.

Someone out there must know something. Please don’t hesitate to report it.

You can anonymously report any tips you have to the police.

Do you know of someone who has ever deliberately been cruel to an animal(s)?

Anyone who has poisoned an animal?

Physically hit or beaten?

Threatened repeatedly to hurt an animal?

That could be the type of person who could do this.

Take it seriously, this is not something normal people do.

If you know of anyone who has done something like that before, it would be helpful to let the police know.

It may not result in anything but it could help find who murdered an innocent cat.

Personally, I believe the perpetrator is someone who hates cats, especially outside cats.

Whoever did this is a psychopath who poses an extremely high risk to both animals and people.

Animal cruelty is a felony.

We need to work together as a community to stop this.

We will not stand for animal abuse.

Innocent animals depend on us to care for them and be their voice.

Don’t let Tarot down, please help.

Linda Dennis,


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