LETTER: Removing fluoride from the water condemns children to a life with bad teeth

While in grammar school in suburban Philadelphia in the 1940s, there was no fluoride added to the water at that time.

Each fall, my folks would somehow find enough cash to send three kids to the dentist to have their cavities filled.

Usually, there were at least two.

Without anesthesia in those days, all you could do was hang onto the chair.

You couldn’t even grit your teeth.

The specter of these very expensive cavities in children in Port Angeles worries me.

Who — without fail — will provide the right amount of fluoride needed to strengthen teeth as they develop, a proven and effective method to prevent cavities?

Will it be a single parent who works but has three kids to care for and then must get them to school?

Maybe it will be the teacher’s job, who doesn’t work on the weekends.

Let’s not condemn our kids to a life with bad teeth.

Instead, vote with 75 percent of Americans who have chosen to accept the advice of a large majority of our doctors and dentists to whom we entrust our health, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If you do, there will be beautiful smiles all around.

Glenn Wiggins,

Port Angeles

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