LETTER: Questions must be resolved before Canadians ship tar oil

Great job news

Great news hearing more people are being hired for jobs and able to once again support their families and work toward the American dream of having their own apartments, homes, new cars and other comforts that are well earned.

Hopefully, new employees realize they must have good work ethics such as being on-time and following the expectations of what they are hired to do by the company who hired them.

A person being hired should request a job description of what is expected of them, so there are no misunderstandings between themselves or the employer.

Doing a little extra will be noticed by an employer.

If working for a business that customer service is a priority, smile and do your job.

Good customer service guarantees you and the company will grow.

Some new to the workforce have been taught all are winners and deserve the same pay as others are getting. Sorry people, it isn’t true.

Time for a reality wake-up.

Your job performance is a one-person act that will get you a raise, an advancement in the company or a trip to the front door with your last check in hand.

Have pride in your job performance and work hard to make your country great again.

Shirley Berg,


Immoral, illegal

The question that arises from the policy of incarceration of families in separate facilities is simply: Why is it necessary to separate children from their parents?

The policy of family separation is immoral, illegal and inhumane.

Children do have rights under both international law and U.S. law.

The policy of family separation is an attempt to force deterrence of illegal entry to the U.S. by using family separation as a means to coerce compliance to immigration law.

However, what this policy has accomplished is a backlash of world condemnation regarding immigration policies that use incarcerated children to coerce compliance to immigration law.

The “no tolerance” policy of Attorney General Jeff Sessions has increased suffering without any positive consequences.

The facts do not square with the policy.

The Department of Human Health Services (DHHS) is not prepared to provide accommodations for thousands of grieving children; some of which are younger than five years of age.

This is a self-imposed tragedy that is a result of the “no tolerance” policy which was not well thought out or implemented.

This is not a southern border crisis but rather a moral crisis.

If there is any doubt, consider previous historical U.S. moral dilemmas that were improperly adjudicated such as Native American treaties, slavery, and the Japanese internment.

David Cowan,

Port Angeles

Resolve oil questions

The Canadian government, Kinder Morgan, and the oil majors are hell-bent on shipping billions of barrels of heavy, viscous sludge on hundreds on oil tankers per month, according to media reports.

The Oil Pollution Act of 1990, passed after the Exxon Valdez disastrous spill, required the oil majors to form the Marine Spill Recovery Corporation (MSRC) with large, turnkey spill recovery vessels in every U.S. port with major oil shipping; as part of their marine insurance policies.

Question: How do they recover this heavy tar oil in 1,000 feet of water?

Answer: I don’t think they can.

Until this question, among many other issues are resolved, all shipping of sand tar oil by ocean vessels should be banned.


Peter A. Lavelle,

Port Angeles

Votes for Trump

In addition to being president, Donald J. Trump heads the national Republican Party.

It has clearly become the party of Trump at all levels.

I hope that when assessing local candidates in the upcoming election, voters of the North Olympic Peninsula will keep in mind that a vote for any Republican is an endorsement of all that Donald Trump stands for.

When voting for county commissioner or prosecuting attorney or legislative or congressional seats, please keep in mind that a vote for any Republican is a vote for Donald J. Trump.

Look at the Republican candidates and picture them with the political, intellectual and moral appeal of Donald Trump, their leader.

And don’t leave it to chance — ask the Republican candidates if they support the way that Donald J. Trump is making America great again.

If they hedge or change the subject, beware of the RINOs [Republicans In Name Only].

Craig Whalley,

Port Angeles

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