LETTER: Providence protects America from Clinton

Clinton, Alinsky

This rebuttal is in response to the letters “Deals with the devil” and “Needs censure,” in the Peninsula Daily News on Aug. 5.

I voted for President Donald Trump and the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, had nothing to do with it.

My vote was influenced by the Saul Alinsky advocate Mrs. William Jefferson Clinton — commonly known as Hillary — and the perverted, anti-American ideology of the modern party of the Democrats.

An aside: I have yet to hear any Democrat currently holding elected office disavow the statements of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Every morning I awaken and thank God for the collective commonsense of the American electorate for placing Donald Trump in office as President of the United States, and for the wisdom of the framers of our Constitution, specifically for Article II, Section 1.

Finally, If God were not watching over our magnificent country, Hillary Clinton would be president.

Ethan Harris,


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