LETTER: Promoting growth never enters elected leaders’ heads

A letter printed Aug. 21 — “City should help” — is so true.

For the past few years, the same city and county leaders continue to keep their comfy seats in office, while dreaming up more laws, codes and restrictions on businesses, property and homeowners.

They continue to dream up reasons to raise business and homeowner taxes year after year.

They ignore ways to benefit all concerned in our cities and counties.

It is shameful to see the many empty buildings that could be productive and employ many people who are looking for jobs.

It is embarrassing to see so many cannabis stores on every corner.

Even though I believe their products can cause addiction and crimes in our communities, they manage to stay open for business.

Possibly the good ‘ole boys being re-elected time after time, should review their books of codes, restrictions and laws these days.

Many changes have taken place since we elected President Donald J. Trump.

Many states are thanking him for lifting ridiculous codes, restrictions and laws that have held up positive growth in our country.

We need growth that benefits all Americans.

Like the writer says, “let’s make it happen,” apparently never entered the minds of the re-elected leaders.

You have to admit, however, they are pros at demanding taxes be raised every time a bird flies over their heads.

Check and balance accounting is questionable and not available to the tax payers, confirming where our taxes actually go.

We continue to hear “raise the taxes, we have plans!”

Shirley Berg,


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