LETTER: Port Angeles could reap the benefits of capitalism

Growing up in Port Angeles, I eyed vacant buildings with the thought of what business I could run in that building.

My entrepreneurial instincts were on fire.

Every empty building was an opportunity. Every empty building was waiting to come to life again.

The town at that time was vibrant and alive.

There were mills from one end to another.

The only people who didn’t work were the ones who didn’t want to or couldn’t.

We have become selective about eyesores — ones that are socially acceptable and those that are not.

Beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder.

There are government-organized groups to deal with growth to replace stalwart businesses that had closed due to economic peril.

Now we can’t even support an airline service but do support industries that need subsides to survive, such as the recycling industry.

We need industries that hire locals with good pay and benefits. The problems inherent with a shrinking economy will become extinct.

The ball fields will be full again, the homeless will be less of a burden and folks who have a burning desire to own their own businesses can fulfill their dreams.

To think we would cause more economic harm to property owners doesn’t come from the property owners but from folks with rose-colored glasses.

Businesses that lie just outside our city limits locate there for a reason.

They are hubs of economic activity that reap the benefits of capitalistic practices.

Port Angeles should do likewise.

Robert A. Beausoleil,

Port Angeles

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