LETTER: Our rights and the rights of others in America

More and more in America we see instances where one group wishes to exercise their “rights” to the detriment of others.

Recently, a Peninsula Daily News piece on fireworks regulations reflected this.

In America, we do have sacred and inviolable rights to our life, liberty, freedom of assembly, etc.

These, and all other rights enshrined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, are rights which benefit the possessor but at no harm to anyone else.

Your right to practice religious freedoms in your home, yard, church, your heart, mind, etc., do not infringe or trespass on another’s full rights to freedom from your religion.

And it cannot.

This is why any religion cannot be established in public schools, courthouses or public properties.

Putting massive, loud, black smoke belching exhausts on your diesel may be cool, but it trespasses other citizens’ basic right to domestic tranquility.

This sounds subjective but it is not.

No citizen can use their rights to impinge or quash another’s individual rights.

Health care privacy and the gamut of treatments and practices available are protected rights.

Whether I seek a vasectomy or any woman seeks help terminating an unwanted pregnancy, both are fully constitutionally protected rights.

This is the individual right to self-determination.

Persons who want to impose their religion and values on others, trampling others’ full personal rights and freedoms, are dead wrong.

And it will be a sad day in America when anyone — or group — is legally authorized to trample all others’ guaranteed rights.

Because if this were to be so, then no one would actually have any rights at all.

Live and let live.

And yes, live and let die.

Thomas LaRue,


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