LETTER: Others accuse President Trump of things they’re guilty of

“Gaslighting” describes when someone accuses others of doing things they themselves are guilty of.

Example: accusations of “sex offender,” racism and others laid against President Donald Trump.

Cult tactics: Elron Hubbard, in published memoirs now revealed, instructed his followers that whenever questioned about scientology’s goals, or tactics, to never defend, but always attack the questioner.

The Rajneesh cult bused mobs of homeless into a town in Oregon attempting a voting block. This failed and they attempted to paint this to be the fault of “racist” “intolerant” townsfolk, according to media reports.

Sound familiar?

When that failed, they poisoned food at a local restaurant.

Mobs of goons thinking they are right because they are a mob.

Here’s a partial list of real offenders for Democrat accusers to get indigestion over: Eric (#metoo) Schneiderman, a corrupt New York attorney general, accuses Trump of being a racist.

Media reports said Schneiderman was accused of abusing his own wife and several other women.

More stench of left hypocrisy: Kevin Spacey, Anthony Weiner, Bill Clinton, former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, Al Franken, and — of course — actress Allison Mack, who’s officially been charged with child trafficking for NXIVM.

Meanwhile, sour, old crazy U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) incites self-righteous mobs to stalk and harass people.

Thou hypocrites.

Me thinks thou dost protest too much.

Be careful hypocrites, as Antifa has found out the hard way, some people just aren’t going to take [stuff] from your kind anymore.

Jason Anderson,

Port Angeles

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