LETTER: Need to look at re-engineering U.S. 101 at Morse Creek

Engineering 101

A repeated thought has crossed my mind while driving through the Morse Creek stretch of U.S. Highway 101.

Especially for westbound traffic, a strong pull to the left toward incoming traffic compels drivers to compensate in order to safely stay in the proper lane.

Assuming that the obvious problem had been or would be addressed properly, I have dismissed the thought.

A full 30 years ago, a former inmate at Clallam Bay Corrections Center visited our church.

He worked in roads while serving his time and he mentioned that the Morse Creek area was “banked incorrectly” and that it should have been based on the same principle as racetracks.

When the slope is correct, vehicles have a tendency to hug the lane they are in and able to journey onward without such a gravity change.

I also wondered if motorcyclists might be in more jeopardy than four-wheel riders, as overcompensation, weather, etc. might prove to be even more deadly.

The recent death of a young motorcyclist has brought those “tucked away” questions squarely in front of my conscience.

So what now?

I have been assured that the question is now being addressed.

As responsible citizens, we might pray, as well as insist, that the problem not only be discussed but effectively dealt with, even if the answer might be inconvenient.

The ex-con was right and my recurring thoughts and questions were rightly placed.

My apologies for waiting to express them.

Lonnie Oglesby,

Port Angeles

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