LETTER: Levy hike a ploy to hold marina hostage

We have a question about the sale of the John Wayne Marina to a private party.

My husband, our neighbors and I have read many articles in the Peninsula Daily News concerning this possible sale.

We have never read anything about where all the money from port fees over the years has gone.

The Port of Port Angeles keeps saying they need money to fix future problems.

What have they done with years of fees from this marina?

Were these funds spent on the John Wayne Marina or used for other purposes?

This money should have been either used to make John Wayne Marina repairs or put in an interest-bearing account for future repairs.

Can you answer this question of past and present fees?

Another issue concerns the proposed marina levy (“Port of Port Angeles considers levy lid lift to pay for John Wayne Marina upkeep,” PDN, June 8).

We feel that this is a ploy by the port commissioners to hold the marina hostage in order to gain additional funds at homeowners’ expense.

We do not want the marina sold to a private party.

We do not own a boat.

Carole Travis,


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