LETTER: Let Congress, president pay for military parade

Recently, I reached my limit with the absurdities of this Republican administration and the Republican-run Congress.

I am a 67-year-old Vietnam veteran and I have been fighting for my benefits and medical care for decades.

The Department of Veteran Affairs is a monster bureaucratic machine.

In my opinion, its goal is to protect the job security of those who work at the VA more than to provide for the needs of veterans.

What I heard on the news absolutely floored me.

The Washington bureaucrats —the president, Pentagon, Congress, or whoever it is — want to have a massive military parade; something that President Donald Trump picked up from Kim Jun Un comes to mind.

At a whopping price tag of millions.

I was disabled when I was discharged in 1973 and I get $600.90 per month.

I’ve filed claim after claim for a higher rating due to my conditions worsening for many years.

The VA is very reluctant to loosen the purse strings to lend me a hand up.

I say, if these guys want to strut their stuff and show off the hundreds of billions we taxpayers pay for war machines, let them pay for it themselves.

After all, the president is a billionaire and the average wealth of each congressman (or congresswoman) is more than a million dollars.

I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with these people.

Todd Tolhurst,

Port Angeles

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