LETTER: Kilmer, Cantwell, Murray voted for ‘war budget’

Jefferson County Democrats recently held their annual Fish Feast fundraising event eager to prove, as recent elections have demonstrated, that the party is “back on track.”

Sticking to that theme means, evidently, to resume running that lumbering corporate train over the backs of their more progressive members.

Local Democrats are happily promoting — as a county commissioner — a wealthy businessman to serve their business interests.

On board that behemoth during the event was the corporate Democrat, Sen. Maria Cantwell, chugging along with her own re-election campaign.

She spoke about the dubious long-term survival of the Puget Sound’s orca population, attributing it to the dwindling number of salmon — their main food source (PDN, Aug. 21).

Cantwell bemoaned the lack of any cooperation and financial assistance from the Trump administration to remedy this problem, adding, “We are constantly fighting him.”

Not true.

Democrats Cantwell, Murray and Kilmer, along with every other member of Washington’s congressional delegation — save one — gave Trump everything he wanted and more in passing this year’s war budget (yes, it’s a war budget).

They’ve confirmed their willingness to feed a military as it continues to kill men and women, children and infants all around the world while impoverishing us at home.

Pity that Cantwell, rightly concerned with the orcas’ future, lacks empathy with these dead and dying human beings.

Jesus fed thousands with a few pieces of bread and fish.

Jefferson County Democrats bought some fish on a sleepy, Sunday afternoon, feeding a war machine that will kill millions.

Bob Domin,

Port Ludlow

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