LETTER: Hypocrisy rampant in government, but it’s ‘projection’

A letter published Aug. 2, “Gaslighting,” incorrectly defines the term.

In the rush to defend the current’s administration’s attempts to sell their own reality, he has failed to practice due diligence.

The term “gaslight” is popularly attributed to a 1944 movie by that name which won Ingrid Bergman the Oscar for best actress.

In the movie, she is subjected to strange things and occurrences intended to cause her to question her own sanity.

Nowadays, the term “gaslighting” describes the attempt by a person or persons to manipulate someone by psychological pressures that cause the victim to question their own sanity.

The writer mis-defines “gaslighting” as blaming others for things they are guilty of themselves.

Psychologically, this is called “projection.”

It is very important in today’s environment of massive and increasingly polarized information sources, that we slow down and take the time to investigate the meaning of terms we cavalierly throw at each other.

I will agree with the writer on one thing: hypocrisy is rampant in our government — be it left, right or middle.

We should demand better from all our elected officials.

Extreme partisanship narrows our peripheral vision which leaves us vulnerable to attack from either the right or left.

Think about it.

Les Carnahan,

Port Angeles

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