LETTER: Hayden smart, compassionate choice for District Court

Voting for Hayden

This primary and subsequent general election are very important.

This position affects most everyone because District Court hears cases regarding traffic infractions and various misdemeanors.

This judge will be hearing and settling your contest of traffic tickets and your complaints for trespass, assault and various legally mischievous incidents.

Behind this bench, you want a judge who will use common sense and apply solutions that will work for all parties involved whereby the defendant and community will benefit.

Suzanne Hayden is that person.

She is committed to responsible justice.

She has 23 years practicing law in Clallam County, according to her website.

Most of those years has been as a defense attorney for juveniles.

Hayden understands and complies with the safety component of a courtroom, but has cooperatively worked to maintain a child’s dignity when being confronted with their mistakes.

Her compassion for changed lives for offenders of misdemeanors to become positive contributors in society is this candidate’s strength.

She approaches decisions regarding what is best for the community at large — whether to charge fines and/or jail time, or call for community service in an educational realm whereby the individual would attain a degree/diploma in order to pay restitution and positively contribute, giving back to the community.

The top two candidates will appear on the general election ballot in November.

I want to see Suzanne Hayden’s name on the general election ballot in November.

That’s why I’ve already mailed in my ballot.

Carol Lichten,


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