LETTER: GOP now the party of Trump

Votes for Trump

In addition to being president, Donald J. Trump heads the national Republican Party.

It has clearly become the party of Trump at all levels.

I hope that when assessing local candidates in the upcoming election, voters of the North Olympic Peninsula will keep in mind that a vote for any Republican is an endorsement of all that Donald Trump stands for.

When voting for county commissioner or prosecuting attorney or legislative or congressional seats, please keep in mind that a vote for any Republican is a vote for Donald J. Trump.

Look at the Republican candidates and picture them with the political, intellectual and moral appeal of Donald Trump, their leader.

And don’t leave it to chance — ask the Republican candidates if they support the way that Donald J. Trump is making America great again.

If they hedge or change the subject, beware of the RINOs [Republicans In Name Only].

Craig Whalley,

Port Angeles

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